Our P4 Hub

Welcome to the P4 Hub

In 2021, DiverseForce proudly opened the P4 Hub, a groundbreaking convening space within a federally designated Opportunity Zone in the Germantown (Wayne Junction) area of Philadelphia, that stands as an exemplar for public, private, and philanthropic partnerships (P4) to advance a more inclusive economy. 
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Why P4 Hub?

P4 Hub is not just a place, it's a mindset. It's where cross-sector collaboration meets innovation, where silos are dismantled, and where a holistic ecosystem approach is adopted to create scalable impact. Our aim is clear: to advance racial equity and cultivate excellence.


Empowering the BBEx Network

P4 Hub serves as a physical and virtual home for DiverseForce's BBEx (Black and Brown Excellence) Network, equipped with state of the art video streaming technology and embodying the impact of a best-in-class, cross-sector Employee/Entrepreneur Resource Group (ERG) cultivating leaders with a culture of LIFE-long learning. This vibrant community, with over 20,000 BIPOC professionals ranging from burgeoning talent to seasoned executives, is dedicated to honing Leadership skills, sparking Innovation, enhancing Financial Fitness, and cultivating Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship. Through our culturally resonant programming and holistic leadership development, P4 Hub is a catalyst for personal brand evolution, financial empowerment, and impactful community leadership.

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A Hub for Collective Impact

P4 Hub stands as a beacon for collective transformation, championing a movement that strives to make excellence an accessible norm for every community within Philadelphia. It's a collective investment in a future where excellence is reimagined—where every person is empowered to excel, irrespective of their race, ethnicity, or zip-code they were born. Join us as we dismantle barriers and illuminate the path to excellence for all.

Our Services

Private Events at the P4 Hub

Fully versatile spaces, equipped with 4k live-streaming technology, for your next event. By hosting your event at the P4 Hub, you're not just booking a venue; you're supporting a bigger vision. So, whether you’re planning a training workshop, a fundraising event, a private party, or a corporate seminar, let P4 Hub be the backdrop to your event’s success. 

Community Impact Partnership

With P4 Hub’s Community Impact Partnership, we offer a unified platform for organizations from all sectors to nurture BIPOC leadership pipelines and foster inclusive ecosystems.  Enjoy exclusive event access, enhanced employer branding, and contribute to workforce development initiatives. Join us in advancing racial equity and excellence.

BBEx Network Sponsorship

As a BBEx Network Sponsor, you are connecting directly with over 20,000 BIPOC professionals, uplifting your brand by investing in underrepresented talent and championing racial equity. Enhance your recruitment and retention through community empowerment, and position your leaders for meaningful engagement in our vibrant community.

Join us at P4 Hub, where we're not just talking about change—we're making it happen.

Host Your Next Event at P4 Hub

Elevate your gatherings at P4 Hub, where versatility meets excellence and embrace the opportunity to make a difference while hosting an unforgettable event at P4 Hub.

Key Benefits:
  • Flexibility at Its Best: Tailor our premier event spaces to fit the unique vibe and requirements of your event, ensuring a memorable and seamless experience.
  • Hybrid Events in 4K Clarity: Our state-of-the-art 4K livestreaming cameras are the perfect addition, offering the technology to turn your event into an immersive hybrid experience, connecting you with remote audiences in real-time.
  • Comprehensive Event Support: Benefit from our dedicated team’s expertise to ensure your event runs smoothly, allowing you to focus on what matters most.
  • Championing Community Excellence: Hosting with us means contributing to a grander vision. Your event plays a part in democratizing and uplifting excellence across all communities in Philadelphia, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

P4 Hub Community Impact Partnership

We offer a unified platform for organizations from all sectors to nurture BIPOC leadership pipelines and foster inclusive ecosystems.
Key Benefits:
  • Exclusive Event Access: Connect with our expansive community of 20k+ BIPOC professionals across 8 premier events annually.
  • Branding & Visibility: Enhance your brand's presence among our specialized community of early-career to C-suite professionals of color, through marketing, social media recognition, and event participation.
  • Workforce Development: Play a pivotal role in key workforce initiatives at the P4 Hub, driving change and fostering growth.

BBEx Network Sponsorship

Engage with BBEx Talent: Our quarterly events at the P4 Hub offer a direct channel to our Black and Brown Excellence (BBEx) Network, a vibrant professional community of 20,000+ BIPOC subscribers. By sponsoring these events, you can position your leaders at the forefront, facilitating meaningful connections with high-caliber professionals of color. With an average of 500 RSVPs per event, the potential for impactful interactions is immense.
Key Benefits:
  • Direct Access: Sponsor four high-profile events annually and immerse yourself in a dynamic environment of networking and collaboration.
  • Brand Amplification: Showcase your commitment to diversity and inclusion, resonating with a vast audience of potential talent and partners.
  • Strategic Alignment: Align your brand with DiverseForce's mission, reinforcing your organization's dedication to racial equity and professional empowerment.

Join the Movement. Create Collective Impact With Us Today.

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