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Where Leadership Meets Impact

Empowering Diverse Professionals to Serve Effectively On Nonprofit Boards

According to a 2017 report by BoardSource, 85% of nonprofit board members and 90% of board chairs in the U.S. are white but are serving predominantly Black and Brown communities.

Since 2017, the DiverseForce On Boards program has been tackling the long-standing challenge of a lack of diversity in the boardroom by preparing high-performing mid-to-senior level professionals of color to become powerful leaders and change agents.


Unleashing Boardroom Diversity and Leadership Excellence

At DiverseForce, we know that the nonprofit sector is a powerful catalyst for positive societal change but that it will not realize its full potential until it maximizes the power of inclusion and diversity, starting in the boardroom.

Our commitment lies in empowering individuals and organizations with the essential tools, knowledge, and resources to foster inclusive and diverse boardrooms. Together, we can unlock the true potential of the sector and create profound social impact.

Our Core Pillars

Board Governance Preparation

Empowering participants to enhance their skills and knowledge for nonprofit board service. They gain expertise in strategic planning, financial management, legal obligations, fundraising strategies, and more. By preparing themselves to excel in governance, these leaders make a lasting impact within organizations and communities.

Leadership Development

Participants cultivate and showcase their leadership capabilities through board participation. Delving into self-discovery, they gain a profound understanding of their individual leadership styles while honing essential skills required for tackling more intricate roles within any organization. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Participants acquire valuable insights and actionable steps to successfully institutionalize diversity and inclusion at the board level. By implementing these strategies, they are helping organizations align with the communities they serve, fostering greater understanding, representation, and impact.

Nonprofit Board Matching

Participants have the opportunity to match with nonprofit boards, gaining invaluable experience and making a tangible impact in their communities. They utilize their skills and knowledge to guide and support the organization's mission while enhancing their own leadership skills and expand their network with business and community leaders.

Our Partners

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What They Are Saying

Alumni | Sponsors

"This is probably the best investment that we've made!"

Christine Jereb
Executive Director
Impact and Inclusion, Comcast
"This experience reminded me that iron sharpens iron. It increased my leadership competencies, and social capital. Through DiverseForce’s opportunity matching, I found both a nonprofit board position to serve my community, AND my next career move to serve as executive director of Compass Pro Bono."

Melinda Johnson
Executive Director
Compass Pro Bono
"Following my DiverseForce On Boards training, I was matched with a nonprofit board chaired by David Cohen, senior advisor at Comcast, who appointed me as a committee chair. Connections like these can break down dividing lines. Shortly after, I was named President and CEO of the African American Chamber of Commerce. You never know exactly what doors can open up when you sit within proximity to power."

Regina Hairston
President & CEO
African American Chamber of Commerce
"My experience with DiverseForce has been extraordinary! It was a pleasure to be a part of a program and cohort that emphasizes the importance of diversity. At every meeting, we are reminded that we cannot stop when we obtain a seat at the table but it is imperative that pull up a chair for someone else... I am truly grateful for the guidance and level of expertise experienced throughout this process. On day one, I am ready to make a meaningful impact on the board I will be privileged to serve on."

Steven Chintaman
Attorney and Government Affairs Professional
Bellevue Strategies, LLC
"The DiverseForce on Boards program was an amazing leadership experience! The program not only provided me with the knowledge to confidently navigate my responsibilities as a board member for a non-profit, but it helped me to evaluate my talents as a leader to ensure my success on an organization's bottom line and mission. To say that I was impressed with the DiverseForce on Boards program would be an understatement! The program provided a holistic approach to non-profit board leadership that was truly invaluable. DiverseForce also ensured that minorities have an equitable opportunity to have a seat at the table. " 

Ayanna Washington
Executive Director
Community College of Philadelphia
"DiverseForce On Boards has literally been life-changing for me! Through their programming, I have learned how I can make a difference in my community through board service. The leadership training has been invaluable, as I’ve been able to put these teachings into practice in real-time."

Stephanie Humphrey
Technology & Lifestyle Expert
ABC News

Our Impact

Cohorts Completed


Nonprofit Partners

Board Seats Filled

Are you a growth-minded and mission-driven leader of color who is interested in making an impact on society?

"I now know that I have the skills required to make the appropriate and positive impact!"
- Dr. Chuck Morris, CEO
NFL Alumni Performance Lab
"It was an amazing experience, the best professional development program I've done!" 
- Gabriella Patton, Director
Impact & Inclusion
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For Nonprofits

Are you a charitable organization that is serious about attracting and recruiting leaders of color to serve on your board?

The DiverseForce On Boards program offers a dynamic pipeline of professionals, representing all dimensions of diversity, ready to serve on nonprofit boards. As a matching partner, you can unlock a multitude of benefits, such as improved decision-making, attracting a diverse range of donors, and fostering increased board engagement. Elevate your nonprofit board with our diverse talent pool and experience the transformative impact it brings.

Enterprise Employers

Are you an employer that values advancing diversity, developing leaders and strengthening communities?

Our program empowers employers to attract, retain, and develop diverse talent by embracing corporate social responsibility, community integration, and experiential learning. Sponsoring employees through our program enables you to nurture inclusive leaders, foster employee happiness and engagement, and elevate your community reputation and employer brand. 

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