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Are you a charitable organization that is serious about attracting and recruiting leaders representing all dimensions of diversity to serve on your board? Join our ecosystem and tap into a pipeline of diverse professionals primed and ready to serve on nonprofit boards.
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About DiverseForce On Boards

The Challenge: According to a 2017 report by BoardSource, 85% of nonprofit board members and 90% of board chairs in the U.S. are white but are serving predominantly Black and Brown communities.  
Our Solution: Since 2017, the DiverseForce On Boards (DFOB) program has been addressing the long-standing challenge of boardroom diversity. We prepare high-performing mid-to-senior level professionals representing all dimensions of diversity to become influential leaders and change agents on nonprofit boards.

Unleashing Boardroom Diversity & Leadership Excellence

At DiverseForce, we know that the nonprofit sector is a powerful catalyst for positive societal change but that it will not realize its full potential until it maximizes the power of inclusion and diversity, starting in the boardroom. Our commitment lies in empowering individuals and organizations with the essential tools, knowledge, and resources to foster inclusive and diverse boardrooms. Together, we can unlock the true potential of the sector and create profound social impact.

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The Transformative Impact of DiverseForce On Boards

The DiverseForce On Boards program offers a dynamic pipeline of diverse professionals who are ready to lead courageously. As a Matching Partner, you'll amplify decision-making, attract a varied donor community, and elevate board engagement.

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1. Evaluate Criteria for Partnership

1. Must have D&O insurance.
2. Annual Gross Receipts/Revenue should exceed $250,000.
3. Annual Give Requirement NOT to exceed $5,000.

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When I first joined City Year, one of my immediate goals was to diversify its board. I started inviting CYP board chairs to DiverseForce events where they learned the importance of an inclusive board and creating a welcoming environment for diverse candidates. DiverseForce will continue to help us build our network and give us access that we didn’t have before.


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