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Sulaiman W. Rahman

President & CEO
Sulaiman W. Rahman has built his career as a social entrepreneur focused on cultivating diverse talent pipelines for the future of work, leadership, and governance. His commitment to empowering Black and Brown professionals to shatter glass ceilings, normalize excellence, and "lift as they climb" is unwavering. Under his leadership, DiverseForce has created the BBEx (Black and Brown Excellence) Network, the largest diverse professional network in the Greater Philadelphia area, with over 20,000 members. Sulaiman’s dedication towards breaking down barriers for Black and Brown communities, helping them to advance both personally and professionally has been a constant throughout his career, ensuring that underrepresented talent has a seat at the table across various industries. His influential work extends to serving on several prestigious boards, such as The Philadelphia Orchestra and Kimmel Center for Performing Arts, Mastery Charter Schools, and The Lenfest Institute of Journalism.

As a passionate tech enthusiast, Sulaiman has been watching how AI is transforming our world. Quoting industry giants like Google Boss Sundar Pichai and Andrew Ng, Sulaiman highlights AI's potential to revolutionize humanity and the world of work. One of his biggest concerns is that Black and Brown communities will be left behind in this new AI revolution.

In his mission to normalize Black and Brown excellence, Sulaiman and DiverseForce have launched DiverseForce GameChangers to ensure these communities are well-positioned to leverage AI for career advancement and the future of work, and to secure their place at the forefront of the tech revolution.

Vince Quarles

CEO of DVNC Tech
Vince Quarles, CEO of DVNC, leads the charge in immersive technology development, focusing on creating experiences that allow users to explore and connect with new perspectives. His belief in immersive tech as a catalyst for diversity and inclusion shapes DVNC's mission as a media and gaming studio committed to these values. Starting his tech journey at a black-owned software firm in Washington, D.C., Vince has been a steadfast advocate for enhancing representation in technology, contributing to Blacks in Technology and Black in Gaming. His work emphasizes the importance of creating spaces where diverse voices are heard and valued.

His mastery of AI significantly boosts his team's productivity and creativity, underscoring AI's transformative impact on development and innovation. Vince's leadership has birthed groundbreaking projects like the Monochrome RPG, released in 2023 through Microsoft's ID@Xbox, and the formation of DVNC’s Village, a collaborative hub for over 200 digital creators.

DVNC has forged a strong partnership with DiverseForce to bring the DiverseForce GameChangers to fruition. Initially, they collaborated to launch the GameChangers Accelerator, with Vince taking on the role of lead instructor. With the new membership model, Vince will continue to lend his expertise as an instructor, while also contributing as a program and curriculum visionary. He remains a pivotal resource for participants, guiding them through the intricacies of immersive technology and AI, and ensuring that the GameChangers community stays at the cutting edge of technological advancement and diversity.