Become an AI-Empowered Professional

Discover how a DiverseForce GameChangers membership can empower you with the skills, community, and opportunities to excel in this AI-era.

What you’ll discover in the webinar:


An overview of DiverseForce GameChangers and our immersive, project-based AI training.


How AI is transforming industries and changing the future of work.


Why mastering AI is crucial for staying relevant in a rapidly changing job market.


Success stories from members and insights into our supportive community.

Don’t get left behind—seize this chance to become an AI-empowered professional.

Membership Benefits

24/7 Daily Access

Enjoy unlimited access to a wealth of on-demand course materials, resources, and a vibrant community platform. Designed for flexibility, this feature allows for learning at any time, catering to diverse schedules and needs. 


Weekly Workshops

These workshops, aligning with our quarterly challenges, offer consistent skill enhancement, accessible to participants everywhere, anytime. These sessions encourage you to roll up your sleeves and immediately apply your new skills. 


Monthly Masterminds

These are not just meetings, these are power packed sessions where you get to tap into the wealth of knowledge offered by AI experts & real life GameChangers. It's a chance to learn, share ideas, and collaborate. All of this while being part of an elite group of professionals who like to push boundaries.


Quarterly Challenges

Nothing says 'progress' like tangible rewards. Every quarter, you get to put your learning to the test and compete for cash prizes and rewards. Earn blockchain-certified badges and certificates - something you can proudly display on your resume to boost your competitiveness.


Annual Events

Dive into our exclusive events offering VIP access for members. Unparalleled opportunities for networking, showcasing achievements, and engaging deeply with cutting-edge AI insights. Each event is designed to foster professional growth in a dynamic, influential setting. 


Group Coaching

These interactive group 'office hours' offer a unique opportunity to dive deep into your questions and challenges, receiving personalized feedback and actionable advice from our expert instructors. Come prepared to engage, learn, and transform. 


Outcomes that Elevate Your Career

 Boost Productivity

Automate routine tasks and free up time for more important work.

 Enhance Creativity with AI

Generate innovative content and build your digital presence.

 Scale Business Operations

Streamline workflows and enhance data-driven decision-making.

 Network with Innovators 

Connect with a community of professionals to share ideas and collaborate.

 Stay Ahead of AI Trends

Keep ahead with continuous updates in AI technology, ensuring you're always equipped with the latest skills.

 Earn Rewards & Recognition

Gain blockchain-certified badges and win cash prizes in our quarterly challenges, showcasing your AI skills to employers and peers.

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  • Daily Community Access & DIY Course Content
  • Live Weekly Remote Workshops
  • Live Monthly Masterminds 
  • Live Group Coaching Sessions
  • Quarterly Challenges (With Cash Prizes, Rewards & Digital Badges!)
  • Access to GameChangers Accelerator Course with AI Certification
  • Annual Conference Access 

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Choose Your Subscription Plan

Monthly Plan



  • Daily Community Access & DIY Course Content
  • Live Weekly Remote Workshops
  • Live Monthly Masterminds 
  • Live Group Coaching Sessions
  • Quarterly Challenges (With Cash Prizes, Rewards & Digital Badges!)
  • Access to GameChangers Accelerator Course with AI Certification
  • Annual Conference Access 

Annual Plan



  • Includes everything in Innovator Plan
  • 1 hour of Private Coaching ($500 Value)
  • Additional Savings (Equivalent to 2 months free)

About the Speaker

Sulaiman W. Rahman

President & CEO
Sulaiman W. Rahman has built his career as a social entrepreneur focused on cultivating diverse talent pipelines for the future of work, leadership, and governance. His commitment to empowering Black and Brown professionals to shatter glass ceilings, normalize excellence, and "lift as they climb" is unwavering. Under his leadership, DiverseForce has created the BBEx (Black and Brown Excellence) Network, the largest diverse professional network in the Greater Philadelphia area, with over 20,000 members. Sulaiman’s dedication towards breaking down barriers for Black and Brown communities, helping them to advance both personally and professionally has been a constant throughout his career, ensuring that underrepresented talent has a seat at the table across various industries. His influential work extends to serving on several prestigious boards, such as The Philadelphia Orchestra and Kimmel Center for Performing Arts, Mastery Charter Schools, and The Lenfest Institute of Journalism.

As a passionate tech enthusiast, Sulaiman has been watching how AI is transforming our world. Quoting industry giants like Google Boss Sundar Pichai and Andrew Ng, Sulaiman highlights AI's potential to revolutionize humanity and the world of work. One of his biggest concerns is that Black and Brown communities will be left behind in this new AI revolution.

In his mission to normalize Black and Brown excellence, Sulaiman and DiverseForce have launched DiverseForce GameChangers to ensure these communities are well-positioned to leverage AI for career advancement and the future of work, and to secure their place at the forefront of the tech revolution.

What Real GameChangers Are Saying

Knowing how much this has benefited my output, I don't think I would ever do anything without it now. AI has completely scaled my efficiency. 
A transformative journey that fortified my professional skills, enriched my business acumen, and broadened my network, setting a robust foundation for continued growth.
- JOY D.
The GameChangers program has positioned me for significant long-term growth in my career... This will not only elevate our brand but also enable us to provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients.
- Barbara C.
What I learned about using AI was outstanding. I can 100X myself and assist clients in the use of AI for businesses and personal lives. The program has been a blessing.

Frequently asked questions

Who are GameChangers memberships designed for?

DiverseForce GameChangers (DFGC) supports professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators, storytellers, and creators across various fields who are passionate about integrating AI into their careers. Whether you're starting your AI journey or looking to enhance existing skills, DFGC is for you. We provide the knowledge, community, and learning opportunities needed to excel in the tech-driven world.

What kinds of skills and experiences are required to join DFGC?

DFGC welcomes individuals from all backgrounds, and no specific prior skills or experiences are required to join. Whether you're looking to break into tech, enhance your skills, or advance your career, DFGC is designed to cater to a diverse range of goals and experiences. We value your determination and professional aspirations above all else and are committed to helping you acquire valuable skills for success in the future of work and entrepreneurship.

What will GameChangers prepare me for?

DFGC prepares you for a future where AI skills are essential. You'll leave the program with enhanced abilities to innovate, streamline, and lead in your field, backed by certifications and badges that highlight your expertise.

What are the quarterly themes in the DFGC program?

Each quarter, DFGC introduces a new theme focused on a specific aspect of AI application. These themes guide our workshops, projects, and challenges, ensuring that learning is both dynamic and relevant. Themes are designed to push the boundaries of what you can achieve with AI, from enhancing creativity to optimizing business operations.

What specific tools will we be learning?

At the heart of the DiverseForce GameChangers Membership is our commitment to equipping you with the skills to master a wide array of cutting-edge tools. From automation to creative design, our curriculum is designed to ensure you're adept in the technologies that are shaping our world. In our journey together, you'll gain hands-on experience with tools such as:

ChatGPT, Zapier, Botpress, Canva, Dall-E & More.

These examples are designed to give you a general sense of the types of tools we will be covering in the program. We pride ourselves on constantly updating our tech-stack to adapt to the rapidly evolving landscape of AI and emerging technologies, and always identifying best-in-class tools to share with our members.

What's the schedule for this program?

  • Weekly remote workshops are held on Thursdays from 6 PM to 8 PM. The recordings can be accessed asynchronously at any time.
  • Monthly mastermind sessions take place on the second Sunday of every month from 2 PM to 5 PM, with both in-person and online options.

All sessions are recorded and can be accessed asynchronously at any time.

Can my company pay for my membership? 

YES! Your employer can sponsor your membership in the DiverseForce GameChangers program. We've created a convenient one-pager that you can download and share with your employer (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD). This document outlines the benefits of the program, not just for you but for your entire organization. For group sponsorships, please contact us at for more information.

What type of hardware do I need to participate in this membership program?

To fully benefit from the membership, you will need a computer or laptop capable of running powerful browser-based tools, such as streaming Twitch and Zoom calls. If your setup can handle these requirements, you should be good to go! Additionally, while many of the tools we cover offer free trials or have free plans, depending on your goals, you may want to upgrade to paid plans for some tools to maximize their capabilities.


With GameChangers, You're Not Just Learning - You're Leading.

As part of the DiverseForce GameChangers community, you're not just keeping up with the pace of change—you're setting it. Every quarter brings new themes, tools, and projects, ensuring that your skills remain sharp and your contributions impactful. Secure your spot now in Cohort 3, launching October 2024.

Vince Quarles

CEO of DVNC Tech
Vince Quarles, CEO of DVNC, leads the charge in immersive technology development, focusing on creating experiences that allow users to explore and connect with new perspectives. His belief in immersive tech as a catalyst for diversity and inclusion shapes DVNC's mission as a media and gaming studio committed to these values. Starting his tech journey at a black-owned software firm in Washington, D.C., Vince has been a steadfast advocate for enhancing representation in technology, contributing to Blacks in Technology and Black in Gaming. His work emphasizes the importance of creating spaces where diverse voices are heard and valued.

His mastery of AI significantly boosts his team's productivity and creativity, underscoring AI's transformative impact on development and innovation. Vince's leadership has birthed groundbreaking projects like the Monochrome RPG, released in 2023 through Microsoft's ID@Xbox, and the formation of DVNC’s Village, a collaborative hub for over 200 digital creators.

DVNC has forged a strong partnership with DiverseForce to bring the DiverseForce GameChangers to fruition. Initially, they collaborated to launch the GameChangers Accelerator, with Vince taking on the role of lead instructor. With the new membership model, Vince will continue to lend his expertise as an instructor, while also contributing as a program and curriculum visionary. He remains a pivotal resource for participants, guiding them through the intricacies of immersive technology and AI, and ensuring that the GameChangers community stays at the cutting edge of technological advancement and diversity.