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Join DiverseForce GameChangers for this quarter's electrifying theme: Creativity UNLEASHED!

Dive into the world of generative AI and revolutionize your approach to work, innovation, and creation. Become a member today and redefine what it means to create as you unleash the power of AI!

Unlocking Creativity with AI

The past year has revealed the power of artificial intelligence to reshape creativity within all professions. AI is not limited to tech experts or artists—it’s a tool for everyone. Whether you're crafting marketing strategies, optimizing financial models, or developing educational content, AI equips you with the tools to think bigger and create better. Ready to elevate your creative potential? Join us and harness AI to propel yourself into a new era of innovation. 
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What's In It For You?

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Cutting-Edge Skills

Master AI tools that enhance your projects and expand your creative possibilities.

Real-World Projects

Apply your new skills immediately—from creating impactful digital media to solving complex problems.

A Competitive Edge

Gain the AI skills needed to stand out, whether you're designing captivating visuals or presenting compelling data.

Community of Innovators

Join a vibrant community of professionals, entrepreneurs, and creators. Collaborate, share ideas, and grow in a dynamic environment.

Your Role in the Creative Revolution

No matter your background, DiverseForce GameChanger is your playground to explore, innovate, and transform your approach to professional creativity. Say goodbye to the traditional boundaries of your job title. With AI, every professional is a designer, every strategist a creator, and every idea has the potential to be groundbreaking. 

The Future is Now

We’re just scratching the surface of what’s creatively possible with AI. The coming year is do-or-die for AI adoption in businesses big and small. With a whopping 94% of CIOs ramping up their AI game, it’s clear we’re on the brink of something big. DiverseForce GameChangers is your gateway to being part of this exciting wave and equipping yourself with the skills that will define the future of work.

How to Join

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Each quarter we explore a new theme—this quarter, it's Creativity Unleashed!

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Participate in workshops and masterminds with real-life GameChangers. Tackle our quarterly Challenge and apply what you’ve learned through project-based learning.

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Frequently asked questions

Who are DFGC memberships designed for?

The DiverseForce GameChangers (DFGC) membership program primarily targets and supports Black and Brown professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators, storytellers, and creators. While our mission is to create an inclusive and diverse community focused on empowerment and growth, the program is open to individuals from all backgrounds who share a passion for learning and a desire to excel in the tech-driven world. Whether you're just starting your tech journey or looking to enhance your existing skills, DFGC welcomes anyone with a drive for success and a commitment to harnessing the power of AI to boost productivity, increase efficiency, and 10x their output. Join us and become part of a vibrant community dedicated to continuous growth and advancement.

What kinds of skills and experiences are required to join DFGC?

DFGC welcomes individuals from all backgrounds, and no specific prior skills or experiences are required to join our membership-based mastermind program. Whether you're looking to break into tech, enhance your skills, or advance your career, DFGC is designed to cater to a diverse range of goals and experiences. We value your determination and professional aspirations above all else and are committed to helping you acquire valuable skills for success in the future of work and entrepreneurship.

Why is the focus of DFGC on AI, and how can this skill benefit me in my professional or entrepreneurial journey?

AI, an innovation at the forefront of modern technology, is radically transforming our world. The historic rapid adoption of Natural Language Processors or “Conversational AI” like ChatGPT is reshaping our interactions with the world. They are rewriting the rules of the game, becoming an indispensable tool for the future of work and entrepreneurship. Given this reality, it's vital for professionals and entrepreneurs to grasp and harness this game-changing technology to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. DFGC offers an immersive learning experience that equips you with in-demand skills required for future job and business success.

What will this course prepare me for?

DFGC equips you with foundational knowledge and versatile skills that are highly transferable across various industries. By harnessing AI's capabilities, you'll learn to boost productivity, increase efficiency, and achieve a 10x impact in your professional endeavors. This is a great starting point for anyone aspiring to establish a tech-powered career or business.

I'm a busy professional. How do I fit this into my schedule?

We recognize the demands of your busy schedule, and DFGC has been thoughtfully designed to be accessible to working professionals. With an ongoing monthly membership, you have the flexibility to engage with the program at your own pace. We offer weekly remote workshops on Thursdays from 6-8 PM, as well as monthly mastermind sessions on the second Sunday of every month from 3-5 PM, which you can attend live at the P4 Hub in Philadelphia or online. Our annual in-person conference in Philadelphia in November 2024 is another exciting opportunity to connect.

DFGC offers the flexibility you need with DIY course content available from anywhere at any time, making learning accessible and convenient. You can choose between remote and hybrid participation options to tailor your experience to your preferences.

What's the schedule for this program?

  • Weekly remote workshops are held on Thursdays from 6 PM to 8 PM.
  • Monthly mastermind sessions take place on the second Sunday of every month from 2 PM to 5 PM, with both in-person and online options.
  • Don't miss our annual in-person conference in Philadelphia, scheduled for November 2024. It's a prime opportunity for networking, learning, and celebrating member achievements.

What format options are available for the program?

DFGC offers various format options to cater to your preferences and needs:

  • Remote: Attend our weekly workshops and monthly masterminds entirely online from the comfort of your location.

  • Hybrid: Combine virtual training sessions once a week with in-person masterminds and our annual conference in Philadelphia. This option provides real-time interaction and networking opportunities.

Choose the format that best aligns with your schedule and learning style to make the most of your DFGC membership.

What type of hardware do I need to participate in this membership program?

To fully benefit from the membership, you will need a computer or laptop capable of running powerful browser-based tools, such as streaming Twitch and Zoom calls. If your setup can handle these requirements, you should be good to go! 

Do I get access to the GameChangers Accelerator Course as part of my DFGC membership?

Yes, as a DFGC member, you will have access to the GameChangers Accelerator Course. This course serves as a valuable resource for continuous learning and skill development. Even if you've already graduated from the course, it's beneficial to retain access. The GameChangers Accelerator Course is continuously updated with the latest advances in AI and technology, ensuring you stay at the forefront of industry developments. It provides you with an opportunity to revisit and reinforce your knowledge, access new content, and stay connected with a community of like-minded individuals. Your access to this evolving course is a valuable component of your DFGC membership, supporting your ongoing growth and success in the tech-driven world. Innovator Plan members will receive a blockchain-certified AI Certification upon completing the course. 

What is the DFGC Community platform, and how can I benefit?

The DFGC Community platform is an online hub where members come together to share resources, engage in discussions, connect with peers, and collaborate on various initiatives. It's a vibrant space designed to foster networking, idea exchange, and professional growth. You can stay updated on industry trends, seek advice, and engage in meaningful dialogue with a diverse community of professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators, storytellers, and creators. The DFGC Community platform is a valuable tool to enhance your learning experience, expand your network, and access a wealth of knowledge and opportunities.

What membership plans are available?

DFGC offers three membership plans tailored to different levels of ambition and expertise: the Explorer Plan is for beginners eager to build foundational tech skills. The Innovator Plan is for those seeking a comprehensive experience to deepen their tech knowledge, and the Visionary Plan, our premium offering, is ideal for leaders aiming for exponential growth, providing access to one personalized coaching session with industry experts, exclusive resources, and advanced strategic insights to navigate and lead in the tech-driven future.

Can my company pay for my membership? 

YES! Your employer can sponsor your membership in the DiverseForce GameChangers program. We've created a convenient one-pager that you can download and share with your employer (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD). This document outlines the benefits of the program, not just for you but for your entire organization, emphasizing how it prepares employees for the future of work dominated by AI and emerging technologies. It highlights the program's broad sector application, robust curriculum, certified mastery of industry-agnostic tech tools, real-time skill application, and the potential for driving organizational innovation and expanding professional networks.

For employers interested in sponsoring a group of employees, we offer special employer packages designed to maximize the impact on teams and organizations. For more information, email us at
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