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The evidence is clear that companies with a diverse workforce have a clear competitive advantage. With an increasingly growing pool of ethnically diverse talent in the workforce, DiverseForce is a resource for helping employers to attract and recruit high quality passive and active candidates.

Employer Branding

Your employer brand is your reputation as an employer and includes your value proposition to current and future employees. For diverse employees, an employer's reputation/brand within their respective communities is a very important part of their decision-making process.  DiverseForce works with employers to craft their EVP (Employee Value Proposition) and provides digital and event-based branding opportunities to enhance your employer brand among niche talent communities of color in the Greater Philadelphia region. 

Job Marketing/Distribution

We are not just a passive job board. DiverseForce leverages advanced social marketing strategies to grow our database and social channels (ie. Slack, Groupme, Meet-up, and other major platforms.) Therefore, we are able to leverage these engaged channels to distribute your career opportunities to tens of thousands of geographically targeted diverse professionals.  


DiverseForce has an experienced recruiting team that provides retained search services for skilled professional and leadership positions.


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