DiverseForce and our network of diversity practitioners provide diversity, equity, and inclusion assessments, training, and consultancy in a wide range of industries. A couple of our flagship training programs are included below.

Strategic Diversity Leadership Training 

This Bootcamp is designed to train Board Leaders, Executive Leaders, Diversity Councils, and/or Employee Resource Groups to create a DiverseForce by leveraging our 360 Value Proposition model. Our 360 Value Proposition model is a talent engagement logic model that empowers organizations to meet their business objectives while helping their employees to meet their multidimensional needs. We teach leaders to orchestrate the organizational behavior changes necessary to fuel greater engagement and more sustainable high performance.

Recruiter’s Diversity Innovation Boot Camp

Supercharge Your Talent Strategies for the 21 st Century. In partnership with the Reed Development Group and Ascendant Strategies, we train talent acquisition professionals on a multitude of revolutionary and innovative tactics to identify top diverse talent. Recruiters will learn “without a box thinking” strategies to maximize their recruitment initiatives, systems, external and internal professional diverse organizations, universities’ relationships and passive talent sourcing.

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